What is Your Weight Loss Motivation

To accomplish anything we set our minds to, we need the right inspiration and incentive. It is no different with weight loss. Weight loss motivation is crucial to keep up the effort consistently to see reasonable results. Everyone wants that perfect toned body. For some, the motivation could be health related, for others – looks. Who doesn’t want to look attractive? 

Most people make the resolution to lose weight. But with busy schedules, often tend to skip doing what they have planned to. It seems too easy to postpone it. It is equally easy to feel depressed about those extra pounds adding up, ironically setting you back even further.

This is why weight loss motivation plays a vital role in achieving the weight loss goal. Motivation comes from within us. There must be a reason so strong that you are really keen on your weight loss goal. Once you have this reason written down for you to see every day, you must find various ways to motivate yourself, so that you never once step back.

So how do you find that weight loss motivation? Some ways are:

Realistic goals

Set realistic goals and split them into short term ones so that you see quick results. Let’s face it; nobody is going to lose a hundred pounds in a week. Instead, when you want to lose weight, you must make it so easy to achieve that motivates you even more to go further. So if you decide to lose ten pounds a month – and find yourself losing it, you are certainly going to keep at it till you reach the bigger goal.


Visualizing yourself achieving your goal can be really satisfying. Imagine how you will look after three months, after six months. Just think about the clothes you can wear, the compliments you will get, the health hazards you will avoid and be able to eat what you want without worrying about it.

Don’t forget to write these things down in a diary.

A role model

Having a role model is a great way to get motivated in your effort to lose weight. Often, natural weight loss can be a matter of changing your lifestyle and picking up healthy eating habits.

Being a part of a weight loss group

Motivation comes from getting together with others who have the same weight loss goal, especially when you see them achieving their goals.

It can be fun to join a gym or have a friend exercise with you to achieve your natural weight loss goal. Reward yourself each time you reach a mini goal. Take pictures of yourself so you can see the difference.

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