Stubborn Weight Loss

Over the past few weeks you’ve been keeping an eye on your food consumption and working out at the gym in order to get rid of those annoying extra pounds. It’s been going great and you are really proud of yourself when you get on the scales at the end of the week. Nevertheless there’s trouble in paradise because you’re close to your goal, but not quite there and the going is tougher than ever. 

The last few pounds are always the hardest to shed as the body gets used to the diet and exercising and decides that it’s had enough of this weight loss thing. Of its own accord, it will mock your efforts and override your decisions and stubbornly hang on to the existing fat. That’s when you know you’ve reached you plateau, probably the worst part of any diet. Not even the shock of the first week is as bad as the plateau.

While the first week is a grueling experience, you’re also committed and enthusiastic about the prospect of losing weight so it’s not all that bad. The plateau is bad because it saps your will to continue and leads to a feeling that effort and time are wasted. At least at the end of the first weeks you have something to show for your trouble, something that makes you keep going because you know you’re on the right track.

Still, the most important thing to do when confronted with stubborn weight loss is to avoid becoming discouraged and abandoning everything just because you’ve run into a temporary snag. I know that there seems to be no way of getting around the problem and that everything you do seems wasted, but you should never despair. If you’re eating healthy food and working out at the gym or at home then you’re doing the right thing.

Everybody gets over the plateau at some point or another, regardless how stubborn the opposition to weight loss is. What you can do is to take another look at your diet and your routines of exercises and start changing things here and there. Shuffle exercises around so that your body gets a new challenge, search the Internet for new recipes and maybe give yourself a treat for having stuck to the diet for weeks.

The plateau is not your fault so you shouldn’t blame yourself for it. Really, it just happens. The only good answer to the stubborn opposition to weight loss is to be just as stubborn and persistent in eating healthy food and working out. In time, your body will understand that this is not a lean period, but a whole new lifestyle and it will come around. That’s when you’ll be able to lose those last pesky pounds.

By now you probably know that persistence is what you need to succeed and that no matter how reluctant your body is, you can and will come out ahead. Stubborn weight loss is a bore, but if there is no other way, then you will have to keep on doing the right thing because you know you are going to win.

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