How to Stay Consistent on a Diet!

Stay Consistent on a Diet

When most shed the sweaters for spring and summer, they reveal a smoothed-out physique as a result of winter hibernation. Then spring comes and folks begin their “diets” in pursuit of the prized beach bod, hoping they’ll turn a few heads when they hit the sand. Along comes a big problem: diet adherence.

Many fall off and give up altogether for a multitude of reasons, whether it be lack of proper planning, unrealistic goals, insufficient time allotted, or what have you. Believe it or not, it is much easier to stay consistent and successful than you realize!

Start by setting obtainable goals

I’ve trained many that claimed that no matter what they tried, they were never able to lose enough
weight. The first thing I asked them is what short and long-term goals they set, and how long they expected it would take. Not surprising to me, most expected drastic changes in little time. Strive for continuous weight loss at no more than one or two pounds a week. Set incremental goals and each time you reach that goal, set another. This will help you hold fast to your diet.

Stay organized and plan for success

Another commonality of my previous clients was the absence of planning. I cannot stress the importance of planning your approach and devising a system. The best tools for guaranteed success: food logs and exercise journals. Logging your daily food intake and activities will allow you to examine what’s contributing to or hindering your success.

Give yourself a reward and never forget it!

If you really stop and think about it, you are working toward something that benefits you- you aren’t trying to torture yourself without reason. Whether it be added confidence, better health, or pure physical attraction, it’s ultimately a reward that you are trying to reach. If it helps, find a picture of the ideal physique and use it as motivation. Write down that you will reach the reward, no matter what it takes.

Remember to regard your diet as a “lifestyle change”

Instead of setting up something that is temporary, make a change that impacts the present and the future. Throw out that fad diet and make lasting changes that will benefit your health in the long-run. Not only does this help you reach your goals, but it also gives you the ability to maintain them for years to come.

Weight loss isn’t as easy as people make it out to be, but it is certainly within reach. Get a routine going, and eventually, you’ll find that everything becomes habitual and just “falls in to place,” and it will feel unnatural when you don’t plan and organize!

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