Is Quick Weight Loss Safe

Quick weight loss through crash diets are a big threat to anybody’s health. With all the tempting junk food and snacks and the increasingly sedentary lifestyle, people develop eating habits that are less and less healthy and more and more geared toward a quick and tasty fix instead of a healthy and nourishing meal that doesn’t make you fat. 

Nevertheless, after enough meals at fast food restaurants, the dreaded spare tire is beginning to bulge through the shirt.

The natural reaction of all those who dislike the sight of the spare tire is to put a sudden end to all those trips to fast food places, followed by a frantic search on the Internet for the latest diets and dieting tips. Unfortunately, many of these people give in to the panic or to the idea of shedding weight as soon as possible, which is not good.

You can ask any dietitian or health care expert and you will always get the same answer: quick weight loss is not safe. The starvation that brings quick results will weaken your internal organs and decrease the muscle mass. At the end of the crash diet your heart will be in worse shape than before and your muscles will have shrunk a bit.

The worse part of it is the fact that, unless a drastic change of eating habits is put into practice, you are very likely to replace the lost muscle mass with new fat. Going back to the fast food restaurants at the end of the diet will make sure that all the fat shed through a diet that has wreaked havoc inside your body will come back faster than you think.

As one attempt at quick weight loss is followed by another, the body gets used to these short periods of starvation and starts to take steps to protect itself. Every time you go through another crash diet, the body learns to hang on to the existing fat and to let go of less and less. Your body cannot make the difference between a diet and true starvation and its purpose is simply to stay alive.

The only good way to lose weight is to make some changes to your lifestyle. Instead of starving yourself, you can try eating healthier food and slowly weeding out the bad food in your diet. Stop eating snacks, sweets and fast food when you feel hungry and use fruits and vegetables instead. If you can break the habit of eating junk food, then you may never need to starve yourself again.

And aside from eating healthier food, you also need to exercise. Health experts around the world agree that people need to go out and exercise more and this is exactly what you should do. Sitting on the couch with the TV remote in hand isn’t going to help you lose weight. Thirty minutes of exercising everyday, on the other hand, will not only make you thinner, but will also keep you healthy.

Quick weight loss is a bit like using duct tape. Sure it’s going to fix things for a short while, but in the long run you come out worse. There is no alternative to leaving your old lifestyle behind and switching to a healthier one, with plenty of physical activity and lighter, healthier food that will help you stay in shape well into the old age.

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