Is It Legal to Buy Phentermine Online?

Phentermine is a Schedule IV regulated substance which by law is a licensed medicine obtainable only on prescription from a doctor. Essentially this means that phentermine is a legal drug, but if it is obtained by means other than through a valid prescription, it has been obtained illegally.

The strict control of phentermine by law is due to its potential for abuse, as its amphetamine-type properties mean it can become habit forming, and the risks and complicating factors associated with taking the drug require constant monitoring and control by a medical professional.

Following a full consultation with a doctor, phentermine can be legally prescribed according to the patient’s individual circumstances.

Other choices for consumers include opting for a prescription-free alternative, such as Phen375, which stimulates weight loss in a similar way, but without the inclusion of the controlled drug.

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Why Phentermine is a regulated substance

Phentermine is both a regulated substance in the US and a controlled substance in the UK, obtainable only through the prescription from a doctor for some reasons.

As well as its potential for abuse as a habit-forming drug, only after a full examination can a doctor assess what the correct dose is, what the length of treatment should be, and whether the patient should receive an immediate or time release formula.These considerations need to be based on an assessment of the patient’s age, weight, and medical condition.

Also, because of the potential side effects and complications with other medications, the doctor has to monitor and control the course of treatment to ensure these factors can be mitigated as far as possible.

The patient needs to be acutely aware of the risks and side effects of taking phentermine, along with things they can do to mitigate the risks such as avoiding smoking, drinking or operating machinery.

Due to the complexity of assessing the suitability of this drug and to ensure that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, the law requires that Phentermine is only available on prescription. To change this would be to put patients at risk of being misdiagnosed and receiving a potent drug which can be dangerous to health if taken incorrectly or in the wrong circumstances.

Can you buy Phentermine online with a prescription?

There are certain legitimate US State Licensed online pharmacies which will dispense phentermine online with a prescription. This can be helpful where the patient lives in a particularly remote area or is unable to travel.

In these cases, extreme care needs to be taken to ensure that the pharmacy is genuine and reputable to make sure that the medication you receive is legitimate and safe. It is illegal to purchase phentermine without prescription, its strict legal regulation is in place to ensure it is dispensed safely and without abuse.

There are plenty of unscrupulous websites which offer “online consultations” which after answering a few questions allow the consumer to purchase phentermine.

This does not equate to a legitimate medical prescription and can lead to the drug being sold to those who should not receive it and where it has the potential to cause serious harm. In many cases these websites do not even sell genuine phentermine and the product could be a harmful fake.

No matter how tempting the thought of significant weight loss might be, the consumer should be very careful of obtaining phentermine illegally and at the same time posing a grave risk to their health.

Herbal Phentermine: The natural alternative without a prescription

The only way of purchasing phentermine safely online without a prescription is by buying herbal phentermine, a natural, safe weight loss aid not classed as a drug which can be bought by anyone.

Although not a direct counterpart to phentermine, the powerful natural weight loss ingredients are known for their effectiveness and do not carry the same risks and complicating factors associated with the controlled drug phentermine.

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