Your Health Before and After Weight Loss

Here’s a secret not many people know: weight loss is not just something that makes you look better, but also a way to improve your health. Simply browsing through the most popular magazines is enough to understand that many people think of weight solely in cosmetic terms and ignore the bigger connection between weight and health. So let’s see what changes in your body before and after weight loss. 

As calorie follows excess calorie, the body stores all the bonus energy as fat. While the deposits of fat reassure the body that it will be able to survive through a lean period, they are nonetheless a hazard to the overall health and an inconvenient when the body has to sustain physical effort over a longer period of time. Whenever you have to move, fat gets in the way.

Before Weight Loss

Before weight loss, your overall health is not good and getting worse with each pound you put on. The joints start to ache because they have to cope with the extra weight. The spine suffers under weight. The body may see the extra fat as a permanent source of sugar, thus triggering the onset of diabetes. Even the slightest effort is enough to make an overweight person breathe with difficulty and there are reasons to suspect that being overweight may increase the risk of developing asthma.

The extra fat you have on before weight loss is bad for the heart and the arteries. Aside from the fast food that brings in a lot of bad cholesterol, having to cover an expanding body size tires the heart and increases blood pressure. High blood pressure means a higher risk of heart attack and, according to recent studies, also a higher risk of becoming blind.

This is why overweight people need to find a sound diet, accompanied by an effective fitness program that can bring them back to a healthy weight. A careful control of every day nutrition is far more important and good for the overall health than crash diets. While treating excess weight as a short-term problem may be good for the self-esteem, using a short-term approach to deal with it is a bad idea.

After Weight Loss

After weight loss, on the other hand, the body is in much better shape. Blood pressure and cholesterol drop to the normal levels, while tolerance to physical effort increases significantly. Running is no longer a problem, nor do you break into sweat at the slightest movement. The rising level of energy usually translates into feelings of optimism and self-confidence. And let’s not forget the fact that you look much better than before weight loss.

So there you have it, the state of your health before and after weight loss. There can be no doubt that restricting your understanding of this issue to the “I want to look better” point of view is not a good idea. Maintaining a healthy weight in order to keep your body healthy is the way to go for any person who wants to contemplate old age with the certainty of having done his or her best to stay healthy.

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