What Diet Works the Best? the Diet that You Can Stick With

Diet that You Can Stick With

With obesity at an all time high, it is no surprise that most adults seem to be trying to lose weight. And with such a demand for the perfect weight loss diet, there are many new diet plans popping up on a regular basis, which leaves the question, what diet plan works the best?

Everyone is different so naturally we all have different nutritional needs depending on age, sex, weight, and our personal activity level. And of course, there are those individuals with special dietary needs, such as those who have or are at risk for certain health conditions such as heart disease.

What Diet Works the Best?

Obviously, there is no one diet that works the best for everyone. Since we all do have different nutritional needs. When choosing a diet plan, a good place to start with with your Dr, who can recommend a specific diet plan or refer you to a dietician to create a diet plan suited for your specific needs.

If you do go with a popular diet plan, keep in mind that what might work great for one person may leave you feeling frustrated. Fad diets that are extremely low in calories or tell you to give up entire food groups are not healthy. Sure you may lose weight at the beginning but will soon grow tired of the plan, and once you go back to eating normally you will most likely gain the weight back. A better idea is to eat a variety of healthy foods and enjoy the occasional treat in moderation. Check out websites such as MyPyramid to help you get started.

Learning to change your eating habits by choosing healthier foods and watching portions is not easy at first. However, after a while you may find that your habits and tastes change. Instead of unconsciously grabbing a handful of chips you may find yourself grabbing a piece of fruit, or maybe whip up a healthy smoothie recipe instead of indulging in a bowl of ice cream.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that you are not on a diet for short term. Losing weight is just the first part and keeping it off is a lifetime commitment. In fact, there will be times that you struggle and occasionally overindulge in your favorite foods but you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Instead, recognize that you overindulged, get a little exercise and get right back on your healthy eating plan.

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