Why Do Diet Pills Carry Such a Negative Connotation?

Throughout the years diet pills have been a constant source of hope for overweight people and a source of annoyance for those who hear or read about the bad experiences of some users. The media publishes on a regular basis articles focusing on the negative effects of men and women who used or abused diet pills only to end up in hospitals with anemia, damaged internal organs and psychological scarring that takes a long time to get over. 

Unfortunately, many overweight people tend to see diet pills as magic problem-solvers that can finally rid them of the unwanted weight without having to go on diets. The hope that there can be some kind of solution that does not require personal effort or changes in lifestyle and eating habits is so deeply entrenched in the minds of so many people that it’s little wonder that diet pills sell so well.

The bad part is the fact that desperate overweight people are ready to swallow any pill, including some that are supposed to cure other diseases and are not recommended for the treatment of obesity. Since no health care professional in his or her right mind would prescribe such drugs for weight loss purposes, these people avoid going to the doctor by borrowing pills from friends or relatives. The side effects of such pills on a healthy body can only be guessed.

But many weight loss pills themselves have cut a pretty sorry figure over the years. The market is awash with so called herbal or natural pills rich in all sorts of exotic active ingredients whose effectiveness and safety can only be guessed at. Algae from the Amazon, mushrooms from Peru, cactus from Africa and wild herbs from Asia are combined to offer the elusive solution so many people are looking for.

Are these pills working as advertised? Who knows? Some of them do work for some people, while others are completely useless. Not a few people were extremely surprised to find out that they’ve taken pills filled with sawdust or completely worthless ingredients. Scams are pretty common on the open market and many prospective customers are put off by the unpleasant perspective of spending time and money only to find out they’ve been swallowing the wrong pills.

When one adds scams, shoddy workmanship and unproven claims it’s easy to see why diet pills carry such a negative connotation today. The fault lies mainly with the unscrupulous producers and with those honest, but underfunded or plain stupid vendors who either don’t know how to make a pill or can’t afford the required quantity of active ingredients. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who is who as the list of scams grows longer every year.

In the end, the answer is precisely the one overweight people have been running from. There is no substitute for the changes that need to be made to one’s lifestyle because no pill can save one from the effects of a life spent on the couch and the office chair. There is also no way of avoiding the necessary changes to one’s diet. Sweets, fast food, carbonated soft drinks and snacks have to go. The longer one delays the moment of change, the harder it is to make this crucial step.

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