Diet Coke and Losing Weight

As alarm bells rang all over the world regarding the seemingly unstoppable growth in the number of overweight and obese people, men and women have started to pay more attention to what it is they’re eating during an average day.

The business sector has also decided to help this new movement toward food and weight awareness by launching series of products that are either fat free or sugar free. The soft drinks producers, for instance, who have taken a lot of flak over the years for selling sugar water, have presented consumers with “diet” or “light” versions of their products. 

Diet Coke is the Coca-Cola Company’s answer to the newly discovered focus on a healthier lifestyle that tries to shun the traditional noon meal of hamburgers and regular Coke. Since many people are trying to avoid the huge amount of unnecessary calories contained in burgers and Coke, they have been offered a healthier choice in the shape of the same soft drink they like, but without the calorie-rich sugar. The success of Diet Coke has proved that customers are interested in healthier alternatives when these become available and that means that fighting obesity at international level may not be as hard as once thought.

Another good thing about Diet Coke is the presence of caffeine. Some experienced dieters are aware that many weight loss supplements and other kinds of diet pills on the market contain caffeine because this substance has certain desirable effects on the human body. For one thing, caffeine provides extra energy and acts as a stimulant, as any coffee drinker can testify. But that’s not all, since caffeine also has a mild appetite suppressant effect. Given that most adults drink caffeine in one form or another anyway, you can use Diet Coke to help stick to your diet and not make things harder for yourself by drinking non-diet soft drinks.

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind the fact that overconsumption of any substance is not a good idea so don’t drink Diet Coke by the gallon just because it doesn’t interfere with your dieting. Prolonged overuse of caffeine can lead to other problems, including ulcer, sleep disorder and anxiety. Trading bad eating habits for a bad Diet Coke habit is plain silly. Diet Coke is a good addition to your diet, but it shouldn’t be anything else than a soft drink to be enjoyed every once in a while. A glass or two a day during meals is enough.

Drinking Diet Coke instead of regular Coke or other brands of sugar water is a very good idea if you’re trying to lose weight. But remember that avoiding sources of unnecessary calories is only part of the greater effort. You must also keep an eye on the food intake and exercise at least thirty minutes, five times per week. This is the healthy lifestyle that you should try to achieve, little by little. Don’t force yourself to accept it all at once because you may end up wasting time and effort.

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