How Diet Alone Can Reverse Diabetes


People obtain immediate access to a dietitian when diagnosed with diabetes. During the meeting, the attendee receives diet strategies and a food list. Early on, this procedure shows the importance of diet in combating diabetes.

Numerous studies indicate the steps people can take to prevent diabetes. The most essential is to keep blood glucose under control. In addition, other steps include stabilizing cholesterol levels, minimizing medications, and staying in good physical condition.

For those who already have diabetes, it is essential they test their blood sugar with a glucose monitor on a daily basis. High and lows are both important to track. Blood tests and medication only slow the inevitable destruction as complications increase over time. They do not reverse the disease process.

The Western diet spreads.

Historically a western disease, diabetes has recently exploded worldwide. The World Health Organization reports more than 180 million people now have diabetes. Authorities believe the rampant advancement of this disease is due to the spread of the so-called western diet.

The number of people following the western diet and diagnosed with type 2 diabetes has increased at an alarming rate. Statistics also show as many as 80% of the people who develop type 2 diabetes are obese. As obesity rises, so does diabetes.

New dietary guidelines emerge.

Cultures following a traditional diet consisting of whole, unprocessed foods tend to have lower rates of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.
Recent studies show following a vegetarian diet, or the stricter vegan diet that excludes dairy and eggs, reduces blood sugar levels. Removing animal fat from the diet leads most people to lose approximately 10% of their body weight.

Many people are able to lower their blood sugar and reduce or eliminate medications by following these new dietary changes. They are also able to show weight loss and lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

In addition, with a vegetarian diet, centering on what to eat tends to take care of how much to eat, thereby eliminating the need to count calories or points.

Discuss changes with a physician or dietitian.

Currently, diabetics often need drugs and medical supplies in order to maintain their health. Healthy changes in their diet should cause positive changes in medical needs as well.

The diabetic may need to scale back or eliminate some prescription drugs. Diabetics should always obtain their doctor’s permission before making any dietary changes, especially when using medications to maintain blood sugar levels.

The new dietary changes that now include following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle are beginning to show results. The diet seems to control blood sugar more effectively as well as accelerate weight loss and control cholesterol levels.

To receive a negative diagnosis does not mean ones life is at an end. When people are proactive, they can take control over their health and combat the ravages of this dreadful disease.

Recent studies show diabetics who focus on the type of food they eat rather than on the amount or the number of calories, can receive favorable results in blood sugar levels. Although further studies are in progress, this new dietary information brings encouragement to those struggling to control diabetes.

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