Fast Weight Loss and Fad Diets

A word of advice to all you people out there: whenever you see the words “fast weight loss”, run like hell. Or, if it’s a web-based advertisement, hit Alt+F4 on your keyboard. These are tricky words that should never be trusted by anyone interested in living a healthy life and enjoying the proper functions of his or her body. Which is why I advise everybody to avoid dangerous myths that are perpetuated by unscrupulos people.  Continue reading Fast Weight Loss and Fad Diets


Surgical Solutions for Weight Loss

Whenever fat becomes a big problem and the classic road to a healthier weight (diet) seems too long, we all tend to think of radical approaches to this issue that could spare us the time and effort and provide a magical instant solution. This is how surgical solutions for weight loss have come to be so popular among overweight people and, when all is said and done, it’s pretty easy to see why and to sympathize.  Continue reading Surgical Solutions for Weight Loss


Plastic Surgery For Weight Loss

This is a good question, a question that we should all ask ourselves before jumping on the surgeon’s table. While it’s true that the pounds have been piling up and that your new hips and thighs sizes are forcing you to buy new clothes, that’s no reason to think that everything can be solved with the cut of a knife. Dieting is a long and hard toil, but it’s still a better way of solving the weight problem.  Continue reading Plastic Surgery For Weight Loss


Your Health Before and After Weight Loss

Here’s a secret not many people know: weight loss is not just something that makes you look better, but also a way to improve your health. Simply browsing through the most popular magazines is enough to understand that many people think of weight solely in cosmetic terms and ignore the bigger connection between weight and health. So let’s see what changes in your body before and after weight loss.  Continue reading Your Health Before and After Weight Loss


Cabbage Soup and Fad Diets

The Cabbage Soup diet is one of the most famous diets around. Most people interested in dieting have certainly heard of this one. An incredibly large number of them have actually tried some version of this diet. Since no man has ever claimed to be the inventor, there is no definitive Cabbage Soup diet, but rather a bunch of versions going in and out of style in ladies magazines and on the Internet.  Continue reading Cabbage Soup and Fad Diets


Phentermine Prescribing Information

Phentermine is a strong appetite suppressing substance impacting brain. Its main indication (not including off-label use) is treating obesity and stimulating weight loss. Phentermine diet pills are not indicated for people with light overweight. These pills are only indicated for people who cannot control their appetite themself, excessively overlimit GDA (Guideline Daily Amounts) and do not work out. Continue reading Phentermine Prescribing Information


Garcinia Cambogia Pills; a Short Review

In a society where everyone feels pressure to fit into the mould, you may find yourself in a situation of distress where you do not know what to do, and let’s face it everyone dreams of a flawless body, shaped like a goddess out of Greek mythology books. Extended gym sessions, with baggy clothes and tights that make you look like a couch potato determined to go to the gym twice and then resign to her old habits. Continue reading Garcinia Cambogia Pills; a Short Review